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Sleepydog Woodshop

At the most recent Woodworking in America conference, I realized that there are many other woodworking bloggers out there that I count as good friends putting out tremendous content.  Each is skilled in his or her way. So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to be featuring their blogs on my Friday posts.

Today, let’s start off with my good friend Joe Ledington over at Sleepydog Woodshop. Joe is – how shall I put this – a renaissance man. In addition to wood sculpting, furniture and tool making, he’s also studying to become a professional video editor. Joe even gave me a carving knife he had created from a scrap of walnut and an old barber’s straight razor. The thing – as you might imagine – is razor sharp.

Why not go pay a visit over to Joe’s site, and be sure to tell him that Tom sent ya!

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