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Ron Hock’s Sharpening Blog

After this past Wednesday’s post on tool sharpening, I just had to make a link of the week to my good friend Ron Hock’s blog.

Sure, Ron has his Hock Tools site, but on his blog, you get to know more about this metal maestro. Ron really opens up, giving readers an insight into the mechanics of sharpening, furniture design and building and other items that catch his interest. He’s had articles on the DIY heat treatment of steel (don’t try this in your kitchen, OK?), features on notable woodworkers and he’s even helped me out by posting about Get Woodworking Week!

One of my favorite posts, however, was the one where he recommended a movie about the Steinway Piano company… even his movie reviews are worth a read.

Thanks, Ron!

2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. After watching the mwalive interview with Ron I can hear his distinctive voice in his blog. That interview was a great to watch and his blog is one of the more interesting to read. He’s a legend in the woodworking world but isn’t a woodworker himself!

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