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I can remember is clearly. The day I bought my rolling tool chest to store my woodworking tools, this one guy came over to me in the store. He told me, “there is no way I would ever put woodworking tools into something like that. I would spend more time looking for the darned things instead of using them.  I keep them out on shelves so I know what I have.”

Free advice from a stranger in a home improvement store is often worth the price you pay for it. But, this guy’s rant did come back to me recently as I was putting my tools away in my tool chest.  For me, I would much rather have my tools stored away out of sight. The reason? When I am done with a certain part of a project (say, using a caliper to measure the thickness of wood as it comes off the planer), I want to put that tool away and not see it. Too much visual clutter if things are out and messy. Puts me off my game.

So, this week’s poll – how do you like to store your tools?  Do you keep them where you can see them easily, or do you store them in enclosed storage to keep them out of the line of sight? Does it even matter?

BTW – today is post number 990!  I’ll keep the countdown clock running as we close in on post 1,000.

4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I “store” my tools on the workbench, table saw, out feed table and any other flat surfaces in my shop 🙂

  2. The one nice thing about working in an uninsulated garage is all the exposed 2×4’s which make it very easy to attach shelves, French cleats and rack to hang all the tools. I love walking out there and seeing everything and having it all arms length. Makes cleanup quicker too.

  3. I used to have everything out, but found that keeping mostly everything in a drawer or cabinet makes it easier to find later on.
    As soon as I am done with a tool, and know it won’t be used again in that project, I put it away.
    This avoids clutter, and helps me find the tool again more quickly, and also makes “end of project” clean up that much easier.
    I try and keep the tools needed for a specific machine in the roll around cabinet that machine sits on. (less walking is good on the old legs. lol)

    Good poll Tom.

  4. What i like is the ones I use most I like on display and ready for use fixed to the outside of cupboard doors. Power tools in cases on shelves, small planes etc in purpose made boxes on shelves, the rest in drawers!
    It’s never like that really of course ther are always a few that I haven’t put away yet!

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