Monkey see…

Hey, everyone. It’s me, Iggy again.

Since Tom is busy looking at those swirly storm things, chasing after elephants and STILL working on tile in that bathroom (I’m afraid poor Rhonda is earning her sainthood these days), I’m going to have to write today’s post. At least it features some of my best work.

If you pick up a copy of the October edition of Wood Magazine, you can read my latest words of wisdom.  It’s an article that Tom might find useful – how to get back into your shop if you feel you have lost your zest for the craft.  Sure, a little time away from the bench is a good thing, but when it seems excessive, maybe some simple tips like visiting a hardwood store or painlessly cleaning up your shop can help you beat the doldrums and get you re-energized.

Heaven knows Tom can use some of that encouragement!

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