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There are few tools as basic, ancient and effective as chisels.  A stout metal body with one end ground to a seriously sharp edge, connected to a wooden or plastic handle.  No fuss, no muss.

While chisels may seem so basic and elementary, they are frequently used on just about every project.  Trimming tenons to fit.  Mortising out for hinges.  Squaring rabbets to accept a crisply cut back panel.

The only problem with chisels is that they seem to reproduce when you aren’t looking.  Soon, you can end up with a huge collection of bench chisels, butt chisels, paring chisels, mortisting chisels, Japanese chisels and other models in a wide variety of sizes.

This week, I want to know how you store the chisels you use most frequently. In the wooden box you bought them in?  Loose in a drawer in a rolling tool chest?  Organized by size in a custom built chisel rack?

Now, I know you may have a set of special chisels you have tucked away somewhere, but I want to know about your most frequently used set.

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  1. Tom,

    My good chisels are stored in a tool roll; my utility chisels are on either on a magnetic tool bar or just laying around.

    Another Chris

  2. I was torn between “tool drawer ” and ” special box”.I chose tool drawer. I keep all my chisels in several felt lined fitted, lidded drawers. I have the option of grabbing one chisel at a time or taking the drawer to the bench.

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