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Micro Jig Tools

With my last post this Wood Worker’s Safety Week, it’s only fitting that I focus on a company whose purpose is safety… Micro Jig.

While their offerings include the MJ splitter system (in both plastic and steel core models) and their Zero-Play guide bar system for building jigs, without a doubt, their flagship product is the GRR-Ripper 3-D push block.

This little baby is famed in song and story as what is close to the ultimate push block for work on table saws, router tables and other power tools. It offers excellent control , and even allows the user to push it over the table saw blade, securing the work while allowing the blade to pass through the tunnel formed by the block’s two feet.

Take a look at their offerings, their fully-video information center and their support pages to find out more about their offerings. While not the most glamorous tools, their offerings will definitely help you amp up the safety in your shop.


2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. I need to get a GRR-Ripper.
    I intended to at the Woodworking Show in Tampa, but the funds ran out before I reached their area…

    PS: Well done on your Safety Week presentations Tom !

  2. I worry when I see the push block used to jam the cut section of the block together. It leaves no room for the sawdust to be expelled from the blades teeth.

    I would rather see a bearing jig just before the blade cutting edge.

    I would also increase height of the temporary fence.


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