For your listening pleasure..

It’s like the planets have aligned today in the woodworking blog-o-sphere.  First of all, the FOURTH episode of the Modern Woodworkers Association online discussion has been posted.  This month, we’re talking all things Sketchup and we do a review of an educational video to see if it really can improve your designing.  Pull up a chair and listen to it here:

If that wasn’t enough, Andrew Detloff of Ravinheart Renditions did an interview with me a few weeks ago about what I do in my shop. We rambled for a while, so if you are interested in hearing what happened, check out this video.

If you have had enough of me for one day, check out this video of the Tampa Bay Rays’ video mascot, DJ Kitty, yo.

Now, get out there in the shop and make some sawdust!

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