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Joe Woodworker’s guide to using veneer tape

Veneering can open your woodworking to exciting new possibilities. Imagine a wildly swirling walnut burl door panel on your next cabinet project?  How about a gracefully veneered mantle clock featuring crotch grain? If you can imagine it, you can do it.

While it’s great to be able to cover your project with one complete sheet of veneer, sometimes, you will need to join two sheets to cover a large project. Or, maybe you want to cut your veneer sheets into smaller pieces and combine them into a fancy book matched or star burst pattern. If you need to do this, your secret weapon is veneer tape.

This tape activates with moisture (kind of like a postage stamp) and helps to hold the sheets of veneer together until it can be adhered to a substrate.  As the tape dries, it shrinks ever so slightly, ensuring that seam is as tight as possible.  Joe Goreleski share these tips – and many others – on this information-packed page.  Definitely a good read for up and coming veneer users.

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