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The segmented turner

If you turn pieces on your lathe, you know that you can make some gorgeous looking pieces from a single piece of wood. But, if you want to add more visual interest while using up smaller pieces of wood, you should check out segmented turnings.

By gluing up these smaller bits of wood, you can create pieces with tremendous visual interest. The process is quite simple to accomplish, but it takes some care to get the smaller pieces lined up and arranged properly so the final piece is just as you planned it to be.

This site serves as an excellent jumping-off point, offering segmented turning tips, plans and links to other sites featuring more segmented turning advice. Why not take it for a spin yourself?

2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. John –

    I didn’t do the turning.. be sure to click the link to this week’s featured site and the information is there.

    Thanks for reading.

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