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When you think about woodworking shows on TV, there are a few that immediately spring to mind. Norm Abram and the New Yankee Workshop. David Marks and Woodworks. Tommy Mac and Rough Cut. Roy Underhill and the Woodwright’s shop.

But, there’s a show that doesn’t normally get a lot of discussion -the American Woodshop.

It’s a glaring omission, considering that the show has been on the air for 19 seasons, and host Scott Phillips has been an institution on the show. He’s been out there at woodworking shows, demonstrating tools. Over the years, viewers have watched him build a shop and turn out some sweet looking projects.

But, there has also been a number of woodworkers who call his work amateurish and question why he has been on television for as long as he has.

Today, tell us what you think about Scott Phillips and the American Woodshop.


14 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. He is a good woodworker and makes some nice projects.
    I can’t really explain why I don’t find his style interesting.
    It’s just the way he presents his stuff that doesn’t seem to interest me.
    (and frankly, there are so many other quality guys doing the same things, that his program isn’t something I miss.)
    I wish I was as good on the band saw as Scott.

  2. It’s just not for me. For many I am sure it’s great but my opinion is pocket screws and beautiful walnut just shouldn’t go together.

  3. Had the chance to see him in person a few years ago. He is even better than on TV, easy going very likeable guy, gets his point across, with a sense of humor. Also took the time to answer a multitude of questions.

  4. Like nateswoodworks said, “pocket screws and beautiful walnut just shouldn’t go together”.

  5. I met Scott a few years ago up in Michigan at Johnsons Mill during an open house. He is an awesome woodworker, and all round very nice guy.

  6. Having met Scott… I think he’s a really great guy. Very engaging in person and fun to talk with.

    Now the other side… I don’t really like his show. Most of the projects and construction methods are not to my tastes.

  7. I rely enjoy rely enjoy all of his shows. But with the verity he has I would like to see a show or two about
    Intarsia , this is a relatively new wood art form. This would be a nice and interesting show.
    thank you Bob Wills

  8. I hate the condescending way he speaks to suzy, who, while not very smart herself, should smack him for treating her like a preschooler!

  9. I think he’s an arrogant snob. He brags about the fancy power tools he has — most typical woodworkers can’t afford the tools he uses.

  10. Like all wood craft shows on tv for diy’ers not everyone has the money for thousands of dollars for tools. There should be a show on how to build with using a skill saw more instead of a $5000 table saw or band saw. I know safety is important but he’s a little overboard sometimes

  11. Its 2020 and I’m trying a lot of new shows so I’ve been watching Scott regularly. I’ve been woodworking for about a year and do learn a fair amount from his show. While I appreciate the content, I find his style annoying. For one thing he uses the word “perfect” in about every third sentence. Every wood worker knows that the only way to achieve perfection with that consistency is to dial in the set up by making imperfect cuts on test pieces first. If that’s what he’s doing, he should show it. He also seems to be a control freak when he has guests. I wish he’d just let them talk instead of trying to “help” them be a good tv personality or gush over their results. His interactions with his wife has the feel of Ward and June Cleaver. Overall, I’d like to see more modesty and sincerity.

  12. As a lifelong award winning woodworker and retired union carpenter, I find his show of no value!!! He is not a fine woodworker as in the category of Norm Abrams and what he passes off as top quality work just isn’t!!!

  13. He should be a safety instructor. I’m all for safety, but Every other breath. I watch these shows to learn from and to get ideas; not to be preached to.

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