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When you buy a tool, you know how it comes in one of those fancy blow-molded plastic cases, right?  It gives the tool manufacturer someplace to slap their logo, the product’s specs and the standard warnings about tool safety.

Inside, you’ll find each of the accessories for the tools placed into its own little custom-formed recess, almost like a modern version of a Studley Tool Chest. Sometimes, it seems as if art of origami came into play, as the pieces can sometimes be nested inside others.. it could have taken the factory workers a lot of time to learn how it all went in in the first place!

After you unpack the tool and – ahem – read the directions, what do you do with the fancy blow-molded plastic case?

3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. These case are polyethylene and should be recycled rather than just tossed in the trash. All of mine get recycled.

  2. I usually save them for a little while. If I find that I’m not using them, I toss them. Normally I create a storage spot for the tool that isn’t even close to being big enough for the case. So it just takes up space somewhere else.

    Thanks Roger, I’ll def try to recycle them instead of trashing them

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