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What time is it?  You bet your sweet patootie, it’s Get Woodworking Week!

Remember, this week, woodworking bloggers and other woodworking websites are coming together to encourage new – or potentially new – woodworkers to get off the sidelines and get into the shop. I’ll be posting all week, and I’ll be collecting blog posts from around the wood-wide-web.

If we’re going to talk about beginning woodworkers, let’s start at the start. For this week’s poll, tell us how long you have been woodworking. Are you an old hand at the craft, or are you using this week’s event to get into the craft?  If you are just a beginner, be sure to leave a comment by looking at the bottom of this article.  We definitely want to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Hi, Tom. This is GREAT news!

    Although I will not be able to participate this year due to other commitments, I encourage every woodworker, no matter where, or how much experience, to participate.

    Especially if you are a new woodworker, or merely considering dipping your toes in woodworking, I know you will love it. I have for a long time. And you could not go to a better place. The community of woodworkers is just terrific!

    I will be lurking from the sidelines this year. Enjoy, everyone!

    Al Navas
    Missouri, USA

  2. Started in 7th grade Junior High or what is now called Middle School……..that was 53 years ago.

  3. Tom, I moved to Birmingham, Al. in December2011. I got my start in woodworking by attending the meetings of the St Pete Woodcrafters Guild in Saint Petersburg. I was their Secretary for two years. Thanks for visiting the guild in January. I promoted that meeting and the participation in the Pinellas Folk Festival before I left St. Pete. I learned a great deal from the guild and have a love for woodworking that will last a lifetime. Thanks for all you do to promote this art.

  4. I grew up watching my Uncle in his workshop, helped him build a house when I was around 12 yrs old. Started helping him with refinishing furniture a few years later. Then he started teaching me to build and create my own designs. I just recently retired and have started putting together tools to have a workshop. So though I started long long ago, I’m almost a beginner again! Love this site!!

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