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O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Skin Creams

Autumn is here, and winter’s not too far behind. That’s great news if you live south of the Equator, but it’s gonna be cold, dry and blustery in the northern hemisphere. And, when it gets cold, it also gets dry, especially in heated areas.  That can lead to dry, cracked hands.  And, it seems like those skin cracks never heal.  They just keep getting irritated and hurt like heck. That’s just no fun.

That’s why I’m happy that the folks at O’Keeffe’s Hand Creams sent me a sample of their Working Hands cream.  This stuff comes in a container that looks like car wax comes in, and, as they used to say, a little dab’ll do ya. The stuff had no smell, and isn’t greasy.

Sure, at first it may seem like it’s unnecessary, but when you can work more comfortably in your shop… hey, that’s a good thing.

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  1. That stuff is great. Use it all the time and it’s the only thing that seems to help my cracking skin.

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