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Woodgear’s dovetail joints on the bandsaw

So,  you love dovetail joints. And you can cut them pretty well by hand (I know you must not be talking about me). But, maybe you have a lot of them to cut. And, you don’t want to invest in a dovetail jig.

What can you do to speed the process along?

Why not turn to your bandsaw?

Yes, that’s right. The bandsaw is an effective way to do cut the pins and tails on your dovetails. With just a simple jig and a little bit of know how, you can get pretty darned good results in a fraction of the time.   This site shows you step by step – and even provides a video – on how the process works, and how you can get started.

One thought on “Link of the week”

  1. I read Mathias’ blog.
    He is very good.
    And he has an engineer’s mind.
    Something I can only appreciate from a foggy distance….lol
    Thanks Tom.

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