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Well, I’m back here at home in Florida after a whirlwind weekend of woodworking (I love the alliteration) at the Woodworking in America conference. And, the folks who were there LOVE their dovetails!

This makes me have to ask… how do you cut dovetails in your shop? Power? By hand? Or by some other mystical method?

Oh, and do I ever have a doozie of a dovetail post for you tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Traded my Leigh jig for Charles Neil’s dovetail jig. They look like hand cut and are easy to do. A definite upgrade to my use of the Leigh jig.

  2. You’ve missed out the Gifkin’s Dovetail jig. I think Japan Woodworker stock them in the US. Gifkin’s have a great web-site and the joints produced are second to none.

  3. I’ve used jigs with a router, and jigs with a band saw. I think jigs + band saw is best , BUT as I dont cut that many I usually cut them by hand!

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