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Tormek Sharpeners

It has been proven time and again that sharp tools are safer, give better results and add to the overall happiness of woodworkers. And, when it comes to getting sharp tools, there are lots of different ways to get there. Oil stones. Water stones. Ceramic stones. Diamond stones. Grinders. Sandpaper. The choices seem endless.

One tool I have been anxious to try are the Tormek slow grinding wet wheel systems. I’ve done my fair share of ham handed grinding in the past, but this tool seems different. Sporting a gradable wet wheel grinder on one side and a leather honing wheel on the other, this tool promises easy, repeatable sharpening.

If you have noticed, I have added the Tormek logo to my list of supporters. The folks at Affinity Tools and at Tormek have been gracious enough to send me a model to do some demonstrations on.  While it is still in the box, I’m looking forward to setting it up and getting my plane irons and chisels honed.   Stay tuned.

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  1. Please keep us informed about your thoughts on this. I currently use sand paper and water stones and it is somewhat time consuming and messy.


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