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Whether fashion statements, safety gear or a wearable tool kit, shop aprons can help keep your woodworking clothes free of glue smears, finish spatters and caked-on sawdust.  They can also be hot, uncomfortable, awkward and complete pain in the rear.

This week, how do you feel about shop aprons?  Something you reach for all of the time or something you avoid like the plague?

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  1. I love my apron, actually. My wife was nice enough to make one that fits me well and has pockets where I want them. The thing that really makes it nice is that it has the straps that cross over your back, instead of the ones that go be behind your neck. I can hardly tell I’m wearing it, even with several pounds of stuff in the pockets.

    The fact that it keeps me relatively clean is nice, but the really great thing is the pockets. I always have a pencil, straight edge, measuring tape, and square on me for easy use.

  2. I have a denim one that I picked up for a few bucks at Harbor Freight that I use constantly, any time I’m working with paint, finishes, or lots of sawdust. It’s not noticeably heavy and it does a good job of keeping junk off of my clothes, something I learned to start doing the hard way after ruining a couple of nice shirts by bumping into freshly painted projects.
    My fiancee thinks I look like a dork when I wear it, and says I should just invest in some “throwaway” t-shirts to wear instead, but to me it makes more sense to not have to change clothes every time I want to step into the shop.

  3. I’ve tried to use a real nice one I have, but it just feels uncomfortable.
    I use the same “shop clothes” when I work out there, so the glue spatters and tears are already included…
    I use my apron when I turn though.
    Thanks Tom.

  4. I use a white “lab coat” if I remember but usually just normal shop clothes. BUT when I’m turning I always wear it – back-to-front so ther is no gap at the front, and inside out so the pockets don’t fill up with chip pings!

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