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Before the finish goes on your project… before the sanding and planing… before the joinery… before the jointing and planing…

There comes the plan.

When it comes to that plan, how do you come up with it?  Do you look for a professional plan, or do you carefully draw your own out?  Heck, do you even use plans?

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  1. I do use pro plans from time to time but, I usually change something to suit my needs on most of them. Or I just sketch up something with general over-all dimensions and “wing it” as I go.


  2. I draw my own plans, but pretty minimally. the only thing that’s important from the plans is where the joints go… after that, you might as well make things up as you go…
    I planned this out as far as the shape would go, but the rest of it is sort of winging it. and even there, it was the wood that defined the shape, so if the plan and the wood diverged a bit, I went with the wood… I still haven’t quite figured out what the topsides are going to look like… I’m only *pretty* sure where the sails are going to go.
    the chair, (elsewhere in the same set of galleries,) I was pretty sure I knew exactly what it was going to look like, as I had a picture of the original and I worked out with some detail the angle of the back rest. the table (on the other hand,) was freehand, I just knew how high the table top had to be. other than that, guess and scribe…

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