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When it comes to woodworking, it seems as if we are always in some part of the project building process.  Whether just starting to develop plans and gather materials to buffing out a glowing finish and moving it to it’s place of honor, there are definitely places along the path where we find ourselves.

So, why not share with us what ‘state’ your projects are in?  Right now as you sit to read this poll.  If you need to, poke your head out into your shop and come back to answer… we’ll be waiting!


5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. adding that the one overarching project I’m working on is in some combination of about 6 of those stages at once, depending on where you’re looking at the moment.

  2. I have a little of all the above going on and not enough time to do any of them right now. But, I am catching up on all the spring awakening projects, so it’s coming.

  3. Just finished one project, and starting another so it’ll be done before the real Florida heat & humidity set in.
    I know you can identify with that Tom.

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