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Welcome to Woodworkers Safety Week 2011!  As in previous years, we’re taking the time to think a little bit about safety in the workshop.  Be sure to look for articles from many woodworking blogs about different aspects of this very important topic.

I thought that I’d start with a quick poll this Sunday… When it comes to safety, Norm Abram has told us hundreds of times that the most important safety equipment is safety glasses.

But, sometimes when we are in the shop, it’s a little inconvenient to remember to throw on those ever important safety glasses.  And, sometimes they fog up and become difficult to work with.

This week, tell us how frequently you wear your safety glasses. Do you do it every time in the shop, or are they totally unnecessary?



3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. For what it’s worth, I also do not wear a tool belt in the shop which is one of the most dangerous practices that Norm’s show has promulgated over the years. I know that it was ment to be part of his “outfit” like chaps on a monkey but realistically, its down right dangerous in our overcrowded shops .



  2. In my book, eye sight is our most important sense.

    It only takes a second to throw a pair of glasses on, and you can get anti-fogging stuff for humid conditions.

    I have a couple pairs of those cheater ones for close in work too.

    Just like Dad used to say, “better safe then sorry”.

    Thanks Tom.

  3. Having spent a lot of time repairing rental properties, I got use to never taking safety glasses off no matter where I was – crawl space, attic, under a sink, etc.
    When I had to have glasses to read I found that for $8/pair, Northern Tool had OSHA approved, strong hinges, full wrap around plastic glasses with bifocals in the bottom. You can choose the diopter # that you need. They come clear and sunglasses types. Had this pair for over a year.

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