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Curly. Bird’s eye. Quilted.

Figured woods can bring a great deal of visual interest and drama into any project. As you can tell from some of the things I have built, I just love the stuff.  The Nakashima inspired bench I built in 2009 highlighted the beauty of a maple board that showed curl and bird’s eye figure.

This week, tell us how frequently you use figured woods for your projects.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I use it when ever I find some (even a blind dog finds a bone every now and then) and save it for an appropriate project at a later time. I seldom go buy highly figured wood just for a given job I’m working on currently.


  2. In my designs, I am more interested in the proportions and shape, then I am in the figure of the wood. If I find an opportunity to highlight a beautiful piece of wood, then I will try and find a appropriate piece to fit it.

  3. I agree, if over used it can oppose the overall form – but I try to make it appropriate as often as possible.

  4. Whenever I can, but I have about a half a ton of air dried oak in 4inch boards that I use for most of my work. I resaw it to show the figuing when I can but I’m going to use it for nearly all my work regardless.

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