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The Jolly Old Elf is sacked out… bushed… spent…

But, if you didn’t have to circle the world in 24 hours and remember who was on the naughty and nice lists, you may have had some energy yesterday to get into the shop and do a little work.  Maybe try out a few of those goodies the big fella left under your tree.

So, did you get any shop time yesterday?

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6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I spent all day getting ready and then hanging out with friends. Today, after some clean up, that’s where I’ll be!

  2. I ‘live’ in my shop so, yes, I did spend time there, but no wood working, just visiting with my kids and grand kids who like to come out and drink a beer or show me their new presents and things.


  3. Roof leaked. Box got wet. Checked the contents and “found” my multiplane. Spent some time learning how to use it. Not bad for the first time using it.

  4. Post Christmas is busy as it’s time to do the annual shop retro fit. General clean up, get rid of things that have not been used since last Christmas time, put into work all the “ideas” I’ve had all year long on how to improve my shop, and finally get back to projects that where set aside while Christmas gift making. Man, I’m gonna be busy….Gotta go!!

  5. I didn’t do any woodworking, all I did was start putting together my new Dust Collector!

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