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With the holiday season now upon us, visions of new additions to shops are dancing through the minds of woodworkers everywhere.

Before we get any further into the season, it would be a good time to stop and think about our tool collections.  For instance, when was the last time you added a power tool to the arsenal?  Maybe you added a sander or router to the collection, or maybe you went whole hog and replaced your table saw with a more powerful and capable model?

And, yes, I mean the tool… no accessories allowed. So, you can’t count that big box of router bits or the new saw blade as a power tool…

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Made me think. It has been a long while since I have purchased a power tool. (more tan 5 years)

    I have a very nice inventory of power tools and I have not found a need to add to it. Hand tools are another matter. I have been adding planes, saws and non power tools on a regular basis, Just ask my wife.

    Block Head

  2. Bought a newer table saw just a couple of months ago. Then bought a new shop does that count? Now all I have to do is put everything away where it belongs and perhaps even sell the old unisaw.

  3. Couple of things – I picked up a factory reconditioned angle driver from tool a day site that included two rechargeable 18v batteries (non-lithium – I haven’t switched over yet) for $100, which is a pretty good deal because just the two batteries cost that much and mine are all going bad at once. Today they are offering a dewalt impact driver, again with two batteries (you have to confirm that) on the tool a day site if anyone is interested. The reconditioned tools look brand new with a case etc.

    Also I just spoke to Saw Stop today as I am having a problem – they were very helpful and patient and are sending me a new control box – the one with all the good circuitry. Now I know how to bypass the safety electronics and a toothpick in the right capacitor and I will be good to go until the new part arrives – have to watch the fingers though.

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