Show me the monkey!

If you’ve been around the twitosphere, you’ll notice that I have had a number of Tom’s Workbench t-shirts made up.

The front features everyone’s favorite mischievous monkey:

And, on the back, I am PROUD to salute The Wood Whisperer and Bell Forest Products, the two sponsors who helped make these shirts a reality. I can’t say enough about the support they showed me, and how both have helped the online woodworking community throughout the years.

These babies are the real deal – 100% cotton Gildan gray shirts with both the front and back logos in black ink.

Now, I have a limited number of medium, large, extra large and just a few XXLs left.  And, if you would like to wear a little bit of Tom’s Workbench history, I think I can be convinced to part with ’em at $12 each. That includes shipping and handling in the U.S.  And if you don’t call the U.S. home, well, we’ll just have to see how much that shipping runs!

Just send me an e-mail at – including your size –  and we’ll go first-come, first served basis. Hold off on payment until I can confirm I have the right size.  Just be sure to list “Yo! Shop Monkey T-Shirts Here!” as your e-mail subject line. That’s so Iggy doesn’t get too confused, alright?

There is only one problem with these shirts…

They don’t come in monkey sizes!

Oh, well, my simian friend will just have to wait until we see a reprint…

UPDATE:  I’m now out of XXL’s… And, for those who asked, the shirts were printed by an online company called Blue Cotton.  They did a very good job for a decent price… in case you want to print your own shirts!

4 thoughts on “Show me the monkey!”

  1. I used to be a dud. Especially at parties. But thanks to my “Show me the monkey” shirt from Tom’s Workbench, now I’m the stud!

    Thanks Tom for gettin’ me the ladies!

    (not a solicited celebrity endorsement)

  2. Remember: The Food and Drug Administration has yet to verify any claims that Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey will improve your social savvy, help you become a better practitioner of yoga or a more efficient skydiver…

  3. Tom: Do you use the Veritas® Bevel-Up Jointer Fence with your jointer plane — I’m wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment. Appreciate your reply.


  4. Gary –

    I did buy the fence with the plane – and it was great when I first started out. It allowed me to get square corners straight out of the box.

    However, as I got more practice, I took the fence off and have been able to get square using the plane and a double square. When you start, check for square after every swipe and correct as you go – soon, you’ll be doing your planing without…

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