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The Eames Gallery – Furniture

What is modern as it applies to furniture?

Basically, it’s a design movement that  started in the mid 20th century and broke with traditional furniture forms and sought to explore new materials.  Charles and Ray Eames, a couple who worked as architects, film makers and furniture designers, stretched designed elements to give a radical new look to existing furniture forms.

This online gallery shows some of the radical design forms they helped bring to reality.  Definitely poke around on this site to check out some of the more interesting furniture forms they worked on.

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  1. Nice find, Tom. Modern, as simple as it may seem to define in terms of a timeline, can also be considered a relative term since, any time you’re living in right now is …. modern. The furniture from 400 years ago, at one time was modern. Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright were once modern styles that broke the mold. So, can we really define modern, or are we just saying “This is furniture that’s made now.’s modern..”

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