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Australian Hardwood Network

G’day, mate! When many people think of exotic woods, the species that grow in Africa or South America come to mind.  But, have you ever given thought to the variety of woods that come from down under?

The Australian Wood Network is an association of lumber harvesters, sawmills and merchants from the world’s smallest and most arid inhabited continent. While known more for its vast expanses of desert, the wood harvested from the forested areas is stunning in appearance and has outstanding working characteristics.

The site offers a thorough primer on the species found in Australia and details the efforts of the country’s timber industry to practice sustainable harvesting.

So, throw another shrimp on the barbie, kick back and take a look at what Australia’s sawmills have to offer.

One thought on “Link of the week”

  1. Just make sure you sharpen your planes before tackling Aussie wood. It’s beautiful stuff but some of it can be quite tough to smooth.

    I’m an Aussie so happy to scare people away from using it – leave it all for me please!! 😉

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