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Let’s keep going on with the cutting theme we’ve had the past two polls.

You are building a picture frame from some beautiful quilted maple.  You have to make perfect miter cuts for the edges.  How do you make the cut?

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9 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Tom,
    I voted Table Saw, as your question referenced a picture frame. For bigger pieces or pieces where less accuracy is required, I would go with a miter saw.

  2. I checked the box for table saw, but in my shop that means Altendorf sliding table saw. Makes these things easy.

  3. Try this site for additional options for cutting precise picture frame miters. Norm used one of the tools – the guillotine.

  4. If I really need a tight, perfect miter, I’ll use whatever is at hand to cut the pieces about a sixteenth long. It’ll be a toss-up between the chop or table saw, depending on the size of the pieces and whatever other set-ups are in place at the time. Then I sneak up on a perfect fit with my shooting board. Takes just a little bit longer, but it beats the pants off of anything you can do with a saw.

  5. I have heard the guillotine is supposed to be the best option but i can’t wrap my head around that concept because I have never seen it done.

  6. My vote was table saw, but occasionally I did out the guillotine which is great for clean up. Besides hand tools are still neat to use, and no flying dust or hearing protection required.

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