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Shop time is supposed to be enjoyable.  If you are a hobbyist, it’s time at your avocation.  If you are a pro, that’s when you are making money.

There are those times, though, when you will spend hours on your feet working to meet a shipping deadline or to hit a promised-by date for a client. Shop time can become an endurance test.

This week, tell us how long the longest shop session lasted that you can remember.

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7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Are you talking about working on only ONE project?
    I can’t really answer that question because I just about LIVE in my shop everyday and I’m working on one thing or another most all of the time. Well, except for the 3 or 4 hours I spend on the puter. 🙂


  2. Oh..you mean working on a project. I like to just be in the shop for hours on end. It’s my happy place!

  3. 18 hours seems like 2 hours in my time warp machine known as “Dad’s Shop”.
    (Until I get dragged in by SWMBO with me complaining like a child being told it’s past bed time LOL)

    Thanks Tom.

  4. Tom,
    Lately (since we’ve had kids) I’m lucky to get 3 hours blocks. Before kids, my longest continuous shop time block was about 24 hours. This weekend, In a rarity, I was lucky enough to get about 14. These days that’s a once a year occurrence.

    How much shop time do you get with your kids and job?

  5. If I really, really, really have to get something done, these days, six hours on a weekend day is about the limit before people start knocking on the door wondering if I’m ever coming back in… My record, however, was a solid ten hours rushing to get Christmas gifts done…

  6. I would have gone longer but when the kickback sent me to the hospital for sutures I felt the sesson was closed. Now I try to work until I get tired (for me that is sloppy) and then I stop because the time lost secondary to a mistake or injury will never make up for the hour or two longer in the shop.

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