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Woody Bicycles

It’s not often that a blog post just reaches up and slaps me in the face, but that’s exactly what happened on the seawall in Cape May last week. On my way back from the candy store to lay in a supply of famous saltwater taffy, I saw this chained to a fence:

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is… it’s a bicycle with a wooden frame. Local carpenter Max Samuelson, owner of Woody Bicycles, had a vision of a bike made out of wood.  Between jobs in his shop one day, he took some choice wood scraps and put together his first prototype bike frame.

Customers can choose from oak, mahogany, ash, birch, walnut, bubinga, purple heart and others upon request, and each frame is built to order.

It’s a very unique design and an interesting story. Definitely worth a look.

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