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Hobby woodworking has undergone a tremendous change over the past fifteen years, and much is thanks to the Internet.

Once the only way to learn about woodworking was to take a lesson from a school or a knowledgeable neighbor, relative or friend,  read books and magazines or watch the New Yankee Workshop.

Today, woodworkers have access to a vast array of resources right from the comfort of their own living rooms.  Websites featuring new techniques, tool reviews and video build alongs have sprung up and can provide immediate access to what woodworkers want to know.

Of course, the Internet could be a huge time waster, taking away valuable time actually doing something in the shop.

This week, how important of a woodworking tool do you believe the Internet is for you?

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6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Have you ever taken a poll regarding shop safety? Such as; ‘How many have gotten sick from inhaling saw dust without a resperator?’,’How many have been injured at the table saw? the jointer, the band saw, etc.? Not to be negative; but, perhaps we could learn from the mistakes of others.


  2. using the internet I am teaching myself to build furniture and now I am teaching myself to turn wood. If I did not have the internet I might not have become interested in wood working.
    Finding sites like this one, the Woodwhisperer, Matts basement workshop have pulled me out from in front of the tv and into a whole new life.
    Thanks Tom and the rest of the great people that put information on the net, ya’ll have changed my life.

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