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It’s one of the oldest wood finishes in existence, is safe for kids and food contact and is surprisingly easy to apply.

Shellac is a very versatile finish that has a place in today’s modern shop.¬† Whether you simply¬† use it as a seal coat under another finish or you get involved in a full on French polish, shellac is easy to use, easy to apply and easy to fix if something goes wrong. is a great resource for purchasing shellac flakes and finding the know-how to dissolve, apply and finish this venerable finishing material.

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  1. Just used some yesterday! Altho, I use the pre mix, as a sanding sealer on my rocking chair. Sure make the grain pop on hard maple!
    Now sanding by hand with 220 grit in preperation for wipe-on polly.
    I like the ease of application and clean up with alcohol not to mention that if you do get a run, you can just go back over it and smooth it out with more shellac


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