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What should my woodworking first aid kit contain?

It’s a piece of equipment we need to keep in our shops, but we hope we never have the opportunity to use it.  A well-stocked first aid kit is a necessity, and most woodworkers will dutifully go to the largest big box store and pick something up off the shelf.

But, do these pre-packed kits have everything you might need?

Accidents in the shop can be very severe, requiring more than a few band aids and an instant cold compress.  How about a bottle of Betadine wash, so you can sterilize deep cuts?  A bottle of sterilized water should you get something in your eye?  And, for the very worst case scenario, a one gallon zip top bag should you have to bring a severed body part with you to the hospital.

This comprehensive list goes into some incredible detail, but, hey, when you need it, you need it!

5 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. What’s the emergency blanket for? :p I didn’t see any health insurance cards in that kit either…(runs for the door)

    I figure controlling any bleeding is the major concern by far, so I am stock for that, including a few Quik-Clot chemical cauterizing bandages.

    Happy Safety Week!

  2. How you going to close that zip lock bag if your fingers are inside the bag?…
    (OK, sick safety week humor; good article Tom)

  3. Maybe for my freaked-out wife to zip it shut…

    Nah, she’d be too crazy screaming to zip the bag!

  4. When I pinched the end of my “pinky” finger off, my wife (an RN) was so worked up that she put the finger in a glass of MILK!!!!
    I didn’t ask! But, I did feel dumb going into ER with a glass of milk in my other hand!!!
    Na, they still couldn’t re-attach it, so now I can only count to nine and a half. 🙂


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