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How to work a pneumatic brad nailer

Pneumatic nailers – whether for framing, driving brads or pinning delicate molding, have been a real time saver in the modern shop.  They cut a tremendous amount of time from the process of tap-tap-tapping finish nails in with a hammer.

To do their best work – without unnecessary risk – woodworkers need to know how to load, use and care for these powerful tools. This eHow page gives instructions on how get the best out of your nailer… without getting the worst out of it.

Don’t believe me?  Well, since the Wood Whisperer has declared this to be the last day of non-safety week (the full week before woodworker’s safety week), here’s an example of what can happen to you if you aren’t careful with your brad nailer.  Those with weak constitutions – or extra sensitive funny bones – may want to look away…

Don’t let this happen to you!  {Please note that no woodworkers, brad nailers or trained shop monkeys were hurt in the production of this slideshow…}

6 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Seriously…a lady where I worked was nailing a crate together while kneeling and somehow shot a nail into her knee joint! She could not straighten up because of the nail and had to be carried out in the kneeling position. Almost 3 months of healing and rehab/therapy before she was back to work. Pay extremely close attention to what you’re doing around power equipment!

  2. What are you guys doing! Don’t you know you should wear safety glasses when you are using a hammer?!? Geesh!

  3. You should stick to glue (pun intended) It doesn’t hurt as much but, it is just as bad when it comes to shaking hands.


  4. At least Shop Monkey didn’t get hurt!

    (A guy I know had his foot nailed to a roof with a BIG framing nailer EEEEE-OUCH) !!!!!

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