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Will’s Medieval Woodworking

G’Day, M’Lords and Ladies.¬† Ye olde carpenters of days long ago built of wood great creations of craft and skille late unseen by mere mortals.

Master William McNaughton, hailing of the Barony of Thor’s Mountain in the Kingdom of Meredes, creates ye olde woodworke of character luxurious, befitting the countenance of a king.¬† See ye the tooles and methodes by which craftsmen¬† of the days of yore plied their vocations. A must reade for ye who long for a more rustick yet refined style of woodworke.

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  1. Hello from Joel,
    I am doing a project about wine and it’s history of France form 1000 to the present day. In the project is a story line of a family that starts off as serfs to land owners in that time period the family and the generations that follow makes a living carrying for the vineyards, making the wine and selling it. But they also go to the forests to cut their own oak for barrels, cut staves and age them to dry and then build the barrels.

    Unfortunately I do not have a good library of photos of the tools used in the period of 1000 and moving forward. As the story unfolds I like to have drawings of what is going on in the winery and shows authentic style tools for cutting and shaping the wood staves as well as for chairs and tables. IF you have some drawings or photos that you could share, it would be very much appreciated.


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