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There are some times I could spend every waking minute of every day in the shop. Then, there’s this little thing called life that gets in the way.

Family illnesses.  Work assignments. Raising kids.  Or, simply burnout…

So, this week, let us know how long your longest hiatus from woodworking was.  Now, of course, I am referring to time away from the shop AFTER you started woodworking… so, if you started woodworking at age 30, I don’t want to know about those first 30 years, OK?

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I usually take some time off in the summer, typically to do some work on the house, the yard, my vintage VW, etc.

  2. Have not been able to get into the shop since weekend before Valentines day.
    Been busy at work and took a week to go and see my son get married. Then one of my coworkers had to take time off to have a baby and the rest of us have been taking up the slack.
    Tomorrow (YEAH) will be the first time since Feb that I will be able to work on the project I started just after Christmas.

  3. Have not been in my shop sice the end of January due to major back surgery. And it will probably be 6 more weeks before I can return to the shop. It’s driving me crazy. I was in the middle of 2 major projects that are now just sitting there. Oh well, at least I have lots of catalogues to leaf through.

  4. Since we are retired we travel to a warmer climate in the winter to get away from the snow. This winter I was away from my shop 3 months, we should be home within a day or two. Looking forward to getting back in to the smell of sawdust.

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