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WikiHow’s Guide to Playing the Saw

A talented woodworker can make a saw sing as it slices through wood.  And, then there are people who can just make the saw sing.

Yes, there are people who actually play their hand saws as instruments.  By holding the handle, bending the blade and using a violin bow or your bare thumb, you can coax musical notes from the tool.

Sure, it takes practice, but it beats throwing away a hard-working saw at the end of its life…

One thought on “Link of the week”

  1. Ahhhh So that is what you do with that thing!!!!
    It wouldn’t fit on on any of my machines and there was no cord on it so I threw it in the corner.
    Guess I’ll dig it out and go find a bow and take some music lessons.

    Rog 🙂

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