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Ahhhh, Valentine’s day… one of the most stressful, nail-biting, “What do you mean you don’t have our dinner reservations?!?” “You ran out of roses? On Valentine’s Day?” kind of days…

Oh, wait, I meant to say one of the most romantic days of the year. A day to spend some quality time with the one you love and really turn on the romance.

Yes, there’s nothing like spending quality time with that special someone.  Maybe time taking a long walk in the park, enjoying an art exhibit or watching a movie. Perhaps even enjoying some time doing your favorite hobby.

So, today, on Valentine’s Day, what does your sweetie think about participating in your woodworking hobby?

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One thought on “Quick Poll”

  1. Only two of us has a spouse/ significant other who supports our woodworking endeavors?!!? Well I’m darn proud to be one of them. LOML has been a board catcher at the other end of the saw since forever and always is willing to help with any project if the need arises.

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