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Figured wood can be some of the nicest stuff to work with. Using burls, tiger, flame, quilted and other figured pieces can add some great visual interest to an otherwise ho-hum project.

The only problem with these woods is that they can pose some trouble when you bring them to a final finish.  Many smoothing methods that work on plain boards will introduce tear-out on their figured cousins.

This week, we want to know how  you prefer to get a final finish on figured woods?  Hand tools?  Sanding?  Some other magic?

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  1. Sharp chisels, and then maybe a light shot along the grain (by hand) with some grotesquely low-grit sandpaper (e.g. a scrap from a 60 or 80 grit belt). Then lacquer, sand along the grain with 220+, then finish with however many layers of some appropriate poly/oil/spirits combo.

    Although I’m not so advanced in these dark arts as to refer to these pieces as “figured.” I generally refer to them as “cool-looking contrasts.” 🙂

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