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Goodwin Heart Pine

The one feature that struck European settlers when they arrived in the Americas was the abundance of enormous stands of virgin timber.  They thought that the supply was inexhaustible.

Well, it wasn’t.  The majority of today’s North American forests are considered second growth, and there is a difference in quality between these newer trees and the old giants.

While most of that old timber made it to the saw mill, some met a different fate.  While being floated down rivers to the mills, a percentage of the logs sank to the bottom, lost to woodworkers forever.

Or, were they?

Today, a number of firms are saving these ‘sinkers’ from the bottoms of riverbeds and turning them into gorgeous lumber for flooring, cabinets and furniture work.  Goodwin Heart Pine is one of many doing the task.  Their website describes the process of saving these logs and shows pictures of just how gorgeous this old growth timber truly is.

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