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My Chip Carving

Are you looking to embellish your woodworking projects with carving?  Afraid to lay out the big bucks on a premium set of gouges, veiners and other carving tools?

Maybe it’s time to consider chip carving.

Also know as kerbschnitzen, chip carving involves taking small slices out of the face of a board to make something akin to an engraving in the wood.  From what I have been told by chip carvers, the process is both exceptionally easy to pick up and not very expensive to gather the proper tools.

While My Chip Carving is a commercial site, it also offers very informative video tutorials on the topic, access to free plans and a gallery of chip carved projects to give you an idea of what a chip carved project looks like.

5 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Indeed, it’s fun, easy, and relaxing. May I also recommend Wayne Barton’s site for books, dvds, knives, and stones. I have no connection to him; he’s merely the one who taught me chip carving.

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for mentioning My Chip Carving this week. You are correct that chip carving is a great way to add great character and detail to many woodworking projects.
    I invite you and your readers to take up the challenge to learn how to chip carve.
    I guarantee that I can teach anyone to chip carve.

    Making chips with you,

  3. Thanks for pointing out Marty’s site Tom. Really good. I’ve bookmarked it and will certainly be back.


  4. Marty is more than right as he was able to teach me to chip carve just by watching his online videos. He has what is called Platinum membership which allows you to view and or download a new video each month along with a new pattern and newsletter. Also he has fonts to design patterns that are great. Again if his videos can teach me then he can teach anyone to chip carve.

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