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While you may not think it’s true, just about everyone is an avid reader.  Sure, maybe you aren’t leafing through Faulkner, Shakespeare or Poe… but woodworkers have collections of woodworking magazines and books, wannabe chefs have their cookbooks, gear heads have their auto repair manuals…

So, needless to day, one of the most important pieces of furniture in any house is a bookcase – somewhere to stash all those books!  Book cases can run the gamut from fancy to plain, difficult to build or easy afternoon projects… take your pick.

At least one of these shelves – the bottom one – is typically fixed in place. After all, a bookcase is typically a large box that needs all four sides and a back.  The other shelves are usually adjustable to allow different sizes of books – tall photo albums vs. paperback novels.

This week’s question – when you build a bookcase, what kind of system do you use for making the adjustable support system for these movable shelves?

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  1. I’d be interested to see how these results eventually shake out – as I have a few adjustable shelf holes to drill here shortly!

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