How it’s made: Coffins

There are a lot of really bad shows out there on TV. I mean, REALLY bad.  So bad, in fact, that I spend most of my time watching the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Science Channel… you know, educational stuff.

One of my favorite shows is called How It’s Made. I’ve seen it on both Discovery and the Science Channel. This show is great – it shows exactly how different common everyday items are made in an industrial setting.  I’ve seen how different foods, instruments and vehicles go from their raw components to the finished products.

While at first blush it may seem morbid, one of the most fascinating segments was about how wooden coffins are made.  The skill and craftsmanship really show in each step of the build, and the finished product is beautiful to behold.

Since this is a behind-the-scenes look in an industrial setting, many of their techniques involved require special tooling and manufacturing jigs to accomplish.  However, their techniques are still  interesting to watch and can be applied to other projects.

3 thoughts on “How it’s made: Coffins”

  1. I’ve seen coffin making kits from a number of sources, so it seems reasonable that it is a challenging art to make them well. Very interesting.

    I plan to go up in smoke. . . Just throw in a few mesquite chips as a part of the mix. 😉

  2. As the joke goes:

    “So which coffin should I buy – this wooden, or that of hot-plated metal?”

    “You know, the metal one lasts longer but the wooden one is healthier”

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