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So, you are looking for some tough, practical and stylish work wear to put on before you head out to the shop. Are you going to look in one of those big-box retailers for something to fill the bill?  Nah.  How about some clothing discount store?  No way.

Why not a utility kilt?

Utilikilts is an American company proudly making utility kilts for everyday wear. It may sound strange, but their version of this traditional Scottish garment comes equipped with all of the features you would expect to find on a premium pair of work pants or shorts.  Their workman model is made of heavy cotton duck with a key clasp, large cargo pockets and a hammer loop.

Since the only thing traditionally worn under a kilt are comfortable socks and sturdy boots, there is a modesty snap you could close before – say – climbing a ladder.  Ya know – just so you don’t give the ENTIRE neighborhood a peek.

Oh, and if you go out to celebrate finishing an important project, they even have a tuxedo version for those dressier places.

3 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. With the temperatures in TX this year, a utilikilt is making a lot of sense. 😀

  2. They are comfortable and the modesty snaps make wearing one a bit more realistic for some. I always where a pair of shorts underneath just in case I for get to snap the modesty snaps. Great look to IMHO!

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