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The New Yankee Workshop

New Yankee Workshop's LogoWhen you think of woodworkers on TV, Norm Abram’s iconic image often comes to mind first.  From his signature plaid shirts to the well-worn tool belt around his waist, Norm is a woodworking legend.

The site for the New Yankee Workshop offers the entire collection of projects. From the medicine chest – the first plan built on the show back in 1988 – through the kitchen cabinet opus which aired last season, you can buy measured drawings and videos to accompany them.

The site also goes into greater detail, showcasing Norm-inspired projects built by other woodworkers, a question and answer section called shop notes and virtual tours of the famous workshop.

While Norm may not need the exposure, a visit to the New Yankee site can give you a little more background on this famous show.

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  1. that’s a very cool image of the New yankee workshop logo but how do you have it animated with the saw blade spinning and the saw dust

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