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Rick’s Workshop Electrolysis Rust Removal Page

Rusty PlaneWhy is it that some of the best hand tools ever manufactured lie rusting in some basement before they are offered up for sale?

Are you intimidated to try to rehab a rusty old tool because you don’t know how to clean off the crust?

Well, Electrolysis is one very effective and scientific method you could try. Basically, you remove rust by immersing the plane in a solution of   baking soda and water and running a charge through it from a battery.

A woodworker named Rick¬† has given thorough step-by-step instructions on how the process works, and he claims that it’s a very easy thing to do that gives good results.

So, the next time you come across and old rusty and crusty flea market find, pay Rick’s site a visit and give the technique a whirl.

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