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Eastman Publishing’s Free Flag Case Plan

Free Flag Case PlanWith the Memorial Day weekend upon us here in the United States, it’s only fitting that I feature a project such as this one.

In the United States – as in many other countries – when a veteran of the armed forces passes, his or her casket is draped with the nation’s flag, which is presented to the surviving family members.

There are few honors for a woodworker greater than building a case for the family of a fallen serviceman or woman to display the flag.

This plan, provided for free by Eastman Publishing, gives woodworkers detailed instructions and drawings  for the construction of one of these cases.  The construction methods are easy enough for a beginning woodworker to tackle, and the measurements can serve as a starting point for more advanced woodworkers hoping to use different joinery techniques.

Unfortunately, many of my countrymen and women see Memorial Day as just an opportunity to get a day off work, take a vacation or enjoy a barbecue.  The deeper meaning Рa commemoration of the ultimate sacrifice made by those who answered the call of service Рshould never be forgotten.

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