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Bandaging a handIt’s any woodworker’s worst nightmare – an injury while working in the shop.  Whether a kickback from a table saw, a slip of a chisel, a router bit gone wild or something much worse, a woodworking injury can make you sit up and take notice.

Since the nature of the injuries can run from the slight nip to the catastrophic, the memory of every injury is branded deep into your memory.

This week, I want to know how bad your worst woodworking injury was.  While you may have had many accidents, please just vote about the worst you have gotten.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I shoukd get 2 votes since I cut my thumb exactly 2 months to the day after the first one. The 1st time hadn’t fully healed when I got the same thumb again. 4 stitches the first time, 5 stitches the second. It’s a good thing I’m only 2 blocks from the Emergency Room!!

    I got an overarm blade guard after the second time.

    By the way, don’t think it can’t happen to you. I used to think that way. Now either put the original blade guard back on or call Penn State Industries ( http://www.penstateindustries.com ) and order an overarm blade guard.

  2. Tom,
    Im not saying Im good, but saying “knock on wood, nothing” is down right silly. Its like saying ” yay I’m lucky! “.

    We need to encourage people who have not injured themselves yet to spread the safety message, not make it sound like beating the inevitable.

    Please don’t think I may not sever my person tomorrow, I might. But do think that I am always trying not to, and watching. Luck is not part of the equation.

    Thanks for the chance to vent.


  3. so far just a knife cut 7 staples

    i pray that is all i every get

    tom churchill

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