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A talented woodworker at the benchPeople love to classify things.  Speak to a biologist and you’ll learn a boatload of Latin in when talking about an animal’s classification.  Chemists classify the elements as metals, non-metals, noble gasses…  the list continues.

Pastry chefs will classify ingredients as wet goods or dry goods, and it’s not as easy as it seems. Sugar is considered to be a wet ingredient.

When it comes to woodworkers, we also tend to classify ourselves into categories based on our abilities and knowledge of the craft.

This week, I’m looking to see how you classify yourself as a woodworker at this moment.  Don’t be bashful – be as honest as possible.  Remember, no one has to know you you voted.

Well, you’ll know….

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3 thoughts on “Quick poll”

  1. Tom,
    Hey, tell the guy in the picture that he might want to think about getting a hair cut. LOL. When you have less growing the less longer doesn’t make the less look like more. (:>

    I’m sure that’s some famous woodworker artist type guy … right?

  2. I like the way you categorized the choices Tom.
    Smarter then the average bear makes me feel better about myself….
    Working up to that Sam Maloof position…..have a ways to go…..a looong ways to go…..

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