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Learning from an instructorFor many of us, the allure of woodworking is that we get a chance to work in our own shops – our own space set up exactly to our wishes … well, maybe you would add a sweet brand new Unisaw to round out the collection…

However, there are times when you might be asked to, required to or even want to work in someone else’s shop.  Maybe you have to for your job or you sign up to attend a woodworking school.

Things may not be 100% familiar to you, and you might end up looking around a while for a combination square or chisel.  However you slice it, it is certainly an interesting experience.

So, have you ever worked in someone else’s shop?

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One thought on “Quick Poll”

  1. Picked “More than one” here because while I’ve only worked in a few friend’s shop and my HS shop back in the 70s, I prefer to treat Woodworking like I do sailing.

    While I own and sail 2 small boats, (22 and 14 feet), I really love to sail on as many different boats as possible because I find that no two are rigged the same. Every skipper has their own ideas as to what works for them. Even boats that are identical from the manufactuer, will be radically different from one another within a couple of seasons on the water.

    Likewise, anytime I get the chance to visit, and especailly work, in another Woodworker’s shop, I jump at it, and from every shop I see, visit and work in, (even read about in magazines and books), I learn things that can help me get the most from my own little tiny 1 car garage shop.

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