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Grizzly’s Workshop Planner

Grizzlys Workshop PlannerWhere should you put your table saw?  Would the band saw work better in one corner of your shop or another?  Do you have enough room to build that miter saw bench along the back wall?

Setting up your shop can be a royal pain in the rear.  Discovering the ideal layout without dragging your tools back and forth is almost enough to make you want to just chuck them in the middle of the floor and be done with them.

You wanna know a secret?  The people over at Grizzly Industrial feel your pain.  To help save your backs, they have developed their free workshop planner feature at their website.

After you enter the size of your shop, you can use the sample templates for doors, windows, benches, tools and other items you might find in a typical woodshop.  By dragging them around, you can see what works best where and how you can develop a good flow of work.

Granted, the tool templates are the footprints of the Grizzly tool line.  Hey, their site, their rules.  But, I think that you will still find this feature handy regardless of whose tools you purchase.

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